City Flag

Kent City Council voted on a new city flag in 2023 after a year long process of getting community input and reviewing submissions. In June 2022, the City Flag Committee was formed in an effort to choose the new design for Kent's official city flag. Over the course of several months, the committee worked to narrow 68 unique proposals submitted by over 30 community members down to three designs. 

Of foremost importance was that the new flag be a timeless symbol of unity for our community as a whole. As such, the committee utilized the North American Vexillological Association’s guide on good flag design in its deliberation, eliminating symbols that could be divisive or that specifically referenced Kent State or Roosevelt H.S. The committee then presented its findings to City Council on December 7, 2022. 

City of Kent Flag:

OPTION 1A burgee-shaped flag pays homage to the State of Ohio flag and reflects Kent’s original flag.

    Blue signifies determination, liberation, alertness and good fortune. It also symbolizes the Cuyahoga River and canals, which were a central piece of Kent’s past and a point of charm and appeal in modern times.

    Green is a symbol of agricultural influence, prosperity, fertility, youthfulness and hope. It also serves to symbolize Kent’s status as the Tree City.

    White, the symbol of peace and harmony, reflects Kent’s history of seeking peace and harmony locally and globally.

    The simple modern design is meant to suggest Kent’s goal of civic progress and the city’s forward-looking spirit. 

    The converging stripes form an eight-pointed star that symbolizes the North Star, which was used on quilts that guided slaves escaping captivity. It also symbolizes Kent’s history of inclusion, diversity and forward thinking.

    The green vertical center stripe and intersecting blue diagonal stripes form the letter “K.” All the stripes point to the central star, forming arrows that are meant to point to the future.

    The four stripes, both green and blue, are meant to recall Kent’s history, from pre-settlement, settlement and canal era, railroad era, and university founding. They are also meant to celebrate Kent’s intersection of cultures that come together to form a cohesive yet diverse community.

    Yet another interpretation of the stripes is the convergence of Kent’s railroads, canal and river.