Public Health Nuisances

The Kent City Health Department is responsible for investigating public health nuisances that are present within the City of Kent, Ohio limits. Requests for service are investigated to eliminate or reduce environmental conditions that may adversely affect human health, safety, or well-being such as trash, housing maintenance code violations at licensed multiple use residential rental dwellings (occupied by 4 or more unrelated tenants), or with food service.

Public Service Request Process

Tenants residing in multiple use residential rental dwellings licensed by the Kent City Health Department should submit a written work order to their landlord first; then, file a service request (see below options) if the issue is not resolved per the City of Kent's Environmental Health and Housing Maintenance Code (PDF).

In order for public health nuisances to be investigated, it is the Department's policy that a service request be submitted in writing to the Health Department for an investigation to be initiated.

For building code and housing maintenance issues occurring in the City of Kent, Ohio limits at unlicensed residential properties and rental dwellings occupied by families or 1-3 tenants licensed through the Community Development's Building Division, please email Code Enforcement Officer Paul Bauer, or call 330-678-8107.

Filing a Public Service Request with the Kent City Health Department


Complete and submit our online Service Request Intake Form.

In Person

Complete the Service Request Intake Form (PDF) and bring it to our office at:
Kent Central Gateway 2nd Floor
201 E. Erie Street
Kent, OH 44240

By Mail

Complete the Service Request Intake Form (PDF) and mail it to:
Kent City Health Department
201-G E. Erie St.
Kent, OH 44240


Complete the Service Request Intake Service Request Intake Form (PDF) and fax it to 330-678-2082.


Public health nuisances are enforced through the Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 3707, Board of Health.