9/1/2018 : Errors in Republic Trash & Recycling Flyer

September 1, 2018

From: Dave Ruller, City Manager

To: Kent Residents

Dear Residents of Kent,

We apologize for the confusion on trash / recycling and the brochure you received this week. Staff was unaware of the brochure going out and they worked diligently Friday to make phone calls and address the issues we were aware of. Unfortunately, due to the Holiday weekend, it was difficult to reach anyone at Republic Services and we were unable to resolve or address the issues of start date, and call in procedures.

I ask for your patience as we continue to reach out to Republic for assistance. As of Saturday afternoon, our Service Director, was able to reach Republic's Manager of Public Service, who assured the City that all accounts will be updated and addressed accordingly for prompt and accurate billing once residents were able to confirm their service designation.

The Service Director did schedule a conference call for Tuesday morning at 11:00 a.m. as a follow up to this issue. Once all information has been shared, and we are able to address the start date, appropriate measures will be taken to correct any outstanding issues. The City will provide Kent residents with a Swift Reach call and a link on the City website to keep you updated as to proper procedures and any changes to the process that may be needed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we move towards answering and remedying your outstanding questions and concerns.

Again, we apologize for this confusion and will continue to work diligently to settle these issues in a timely and appropriate manner.