Police Department
Fire Department

Public Safety Department
319 South Water Street

PO Box 5192
Kent, OH 44240
Phone:  330-676-7500

Fax:       330-678-5332                                                              TOP 25 INTERSECTION

The Public Safety Department is responsible for enforcement of all police, health, sanitary and safety regulations as prescribed by the rules of the City or general laws of the State of Ohio.

The Public Safety Director oversees the Police and Fire Departments.

The position of the Public Safety Director is responsible for administrative review of the divisions of the Safety Department.  Guidance and general policy direction are formulated consistent with the needs of the community and coordination is enhanced through joint planning with the safety divisions and other City Departments.  The Safety Director represents Kent on a variety of safety and planning-related issues and groups.  This position is established in the Kent City Charter, Section 56. The Public Safety Director reports directly to the City Manager.