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On April 28, 2006, Kent's City Manager Dave Ruller made his debut with Kent's first ever blog.  You may ask, "What is a blog"?  Here is Mr. Ruller's description of a blog:


   "Blogs aren’t actually all that new anymore. Everyone from CEO’s to city manager’s have jumped on the blogging band wagon. I’ve admired blogs for some time so I thought it was time to get on the Blog train too".

      "Blogs elevate and connect. They don’t rely on throwing information up over the wall and hoping for a safe landing on the other side, they tear down the wall and allow ideas to be exchanged in conversation. This is a quantum leap for interactive communication and is great news for citizen access and participation in their local government".

Dave Ruller, City Manager

April 28, 2006

Click on the logo above to visit Mr. Ruller's Blog, Kent360"


The Kent City Charter was amended by the voters in 1975 to allow for the Council-City Manager form of government. This type of government allows the Kent City Council to set policy and hire a chief executive officer, known as the City Manager, to administer this policy.

The Council, by an affirmative vote of a majority of all its members, appoints a City Manager for an indefinite term and fixes the compensation. The Manager shall be appointed solely on the basis of executive and administrative qualifications. The City Manager need not be a resident of the City or State at the time of appointment, but may reside outside the City while in office only with the approval of the Council.