Civil Service Commission

Civil Service Commission

930 Overholt Road

PO Box 5192
Phone:  (330 ) 678-8101

Fax:        (330)  676-7580

The Kent Civil Service Commission prescribes, amends, and enforces rules for classification of positions in the civil service of the City government and the Kent City School District. These rules include matters such as examinations resignations, appointments, promotions, removals, transfers, layoffs, suspensions, reductions and reinstatements.  The Civil Service Commission is composed of three individuals that must be a resident of either Kent City or Franklin Township.  They are appointed by Kent City Council and their terms are six years in length. 

Below is a list of the current members, and the date their term expires.

Lee Higgins                                                      1/16/20                                  

Christine Klein                                                  12/31/20








Construction Clerk




Code Enforcement Officer: Eligible List


Firefighter/Paramedic: Eligible List


Accreditation Coordinator: Eligible List





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