Boards & Commissions

 Below is a complete listing of all boards and commissions in the city of Kent. Some of these boards are filled by citizens. Current board members and the date their term expires are also listed. Each board has a brief description, and the section of the Kent City Charter or Kent Codified Ordinance is listed for further information.  The City of Kent relies on volunteers to serve on these boards.  



City Manager or designee



City Manager Mayor K.S.U. Representative


City Manager or designee


(Codified Ordinances of Kent 171.02: The Treasury Investment Board shall consist of the City Manager, Law Director, Finance Director & Chairman of Finance Committee of Council, which shall determine whether such surplus funds should be invested, and if so, in what securities. Ord. 1977-167; passed 9-21-77)

 Michael DeLeone, Finance Chair  David Coffee, Dir. of Bud & Fin
 Hope Jones, Law Director  Dave Ruller, City Manager


(Codified Ordinance 1120.06:  Shall consist of five (5) members appointed by Council for staggered three (3) year terms. Initial terms shall be as follows:  one (1) member for a term of one (1) year; two (2) members for a term of two (2) years; and two (2) members for a term of three years.  Subsequent appointments shall be for terms of three (3) years)
Steven Balazs Term expires 09/17/19
Howard Boyle II Term expires 12/31/20
Kevin Koogle Term expires 12/31/21
Allan Orashan Term expires 08/14/18
David Basista Term expires 04/19/19


(Kent City Charter Chapter 61(c): The Board of Control shall consist of three (3) members: the Manager, The Finance Chair of Council, and a member of Council elected from its members including the President of Council. The Manager shall act as Chairperson of this Board. The Board shall keep record of its proceedings. All votes shall be by yeas and nays entered in the record, and the vote of a majority of all members of the Board shall be necessary to adopt any question, motion or order.)

Michael DeLeone Dave Ruller, City Manager Garret Ferrara


(Codified Ordinances of Kent 1309.01: There is hereby established a

Municipal Board of Building Appeals which shall consist of nine members as follows:
(a) One General Contractor;
(b) One architect, registered in Ohio;
(c) One plumber, registered in Ohio;
(d) One electrician, registered in Ohio.

(e) One heating and air conditioning contractor, registered in Ohio.

(f)  One elector representing the general public

(g) Three alternates

Members shall be appointed for three year terms. A member shall hold office from date of appointment until the end of the appointed term; however, he shall continue in office following the term expiration date until his successor takes office or until sixty days have elapsed, whichever occurs first.

Any member appointed to fill a vacancy occurring before the expiration of a term shall hold office for the remainder of that term.

Vacant General Contractor
Greg Seifert Registered Architect Term expires 04/19/19
Todd Ridenour Registered Plumber Term expires 12/31/21
Robert Rummel Registered Electrician Term expires 12/31/21
David Hansford Registered HVAC Term expires 07/23/19
Eric Zemljic General Public Term expires 04/19/19
Willie C. Watts, Jr. Alternate Term expires 07/14/18
Richard Duncan Alternate Term expires 05/19/18
Vacant Alternate


(CITY OF KENT CHARTER CHAPTER 66(A): The Board of Health of this City shall be composed of six (6) members, to be appointed by Council. One of the members of the Board shall be a Councilperson appointed on an annual basis by Council. The remaining five members shall serve a term of office of five (5) years and the expiration of these terms shall be on a two year staggered interval basis. No member of the Board shall serve more than two (2) full terms consecutively. The Health Commissioner shall serve as ex-officio, non-voting member of this Board.)

 Christopher Woolverton  Term expires 04/20/22
 Michelle Frederick  Term expires 09/21/21
 Pamela Freeman  Term expires 12/31/18
 Emily Mattern  Term expires 12/31/22
 Joan Seidel  Term expires 08/16/20
 Jack Amrhein  Council appointment
 Jeff Neistadt  Health Commissioner


(Codified Ordinances of Kent 1115.02: The Board of Zoning Appeals shall consist of five (5) members appointed by City Council. A member serving on the Board at the time of the official adoption of this Ordinance may complete the term of their original appointment, but in the event of the death or resignation of such member, Council shall fill the vacancy for the unexpired portion of the term of that member. All appointments made subsequent to those described in subsection (a) hereof shall be for a period of three (3) years. The members of the Board shall be residents of the City of Kent and shall serve without compensation.)
 Benjamin Tipton  Term expires 12/30/20
 Tim Sahr  Term expires 12/31/20
 Paul Sellman  Term expires 02/06/19
 Alan D. Mail  Term expires 4/21/19
 Jona Burton  Term expires 4/21/19


(Codified Ordinance 767.03: Shall consist of five (5) members appointed by City Council for terms of four (4) years. The initial terms shall be as follows: one (1) member for a term of one (1) year; one (1) member for a term of two (2) years; one (1) member for a term of three (3) years; and two (2) members for terms of four (4) years. All subsequent appointments shall be for terms of four (4) years.


(Codified Ordinances of Kent, Chapter 159.01: Members appointed by Council. Terms are six years in length)
 Lee Higgins  Term expires 12/31/2019
 Christine Klein  Term expires 12/31/2020
 Allyson Chicoski  Term expires 12/31/2024


(Codified Ordinance 1393.03:  Shall consist of five (5) members appointed by Council for staggered three (3) year terms. Initial terms shall be as follows:  one (1) member for a term of one (1) year; two (2) members for a term of two (2) years; and two (2) members for a term of three years.  Subsequent appointments shall be for terms of three (3) years)
Adriana Montes Term expires 07/19/19
Howard Boyle II Term expires 04/17/20
Peter Kiersted Term expires 12/31/20
Mark Weisman Term expires 12/31/21
David Basista Term expires 12/31/21

(Ohio Revised Code 3735.69: This Council shall be composed of two members appointed by the Mayor, two members appointed by the legislative authority and one member appointed by the Planning Commission. The majority of the foregoing members shall then appoint two additional members who shall be residents of the City. The Council shall make an annual inspection of the properties within the community reinvestment area for which an exemption has been granted and shall hear appeals.)

Audrey Kessler - Council Appointment

Term expires 02/06/19

Tad Brown - Council Appointment Term expires 02/06/19
Justin Berthiaume - Mayoral Appointment Term expires 12/31/18
John J. Gargan, Jr. - Planning Commission Appt. Term expires 12/31/21
Tom Simpson - CRA Housing Council Appt. Term expires 12/31/21
Lori Wemhoff - CRA Housing Council Appt. Term expires 12/31/21


(Ord. No. 1995-103, passed Nov. 15, 1995: The Environmental Commission shall be comprised of five (5) citizens with some technical knowledge and/or strong understanding of environmental issues. Members shall be capable of reviewing and assessing large volumes of written data and have strong public relations and public speaking skills, teamwork and coordination skills. Each member of the Commission shall be appointed for a three-year term. All meetings of the Commission shall be staffed by the Sustainability Planner.  The Commission shall hold monthly meetings at a minimum.)

Andrew Scholl  Term expires 12/31/21
Miriam Jackson  Term expires 12/31/20
Nadine Gomez  Term expires 12/31/20
Julie Morris  Term expires 07/19/19
Judy Nelson  Term expires 10/18/19


(Ord. No. 1992-46, passed June 17, 1992: Rotating Board to have a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve people who are disinterested freeholders. Must be elector of the City as well as a property owner. Members of the Board shall hear objections to estimated special assessments for particular projects in the City. Three year terms. Boards for specific projects shall be selected, by lot, from the Assessment Equalization Board.)
Twelve Vacancies  

(City of Kent codified ordinances Chapter 557.05: There is hereby created the Fair Housing Board to consist of seven members who shall be qualified electors of the City. They shall be appointed by Council. Of the members first appointed, one shall hold office for a term of one year; one for a term of two years; and the other for a term of three years; and their successors shall be appointed for terms of three years. All vacancies shall be filled by appointment for the remainder of the unexpired term.
Members of the Board shall be citizens of the United States and residents of the City.


Rouven Cyncynatus   Term expires 08/18/18
Adriana Montes   Term expires 07/23/19
Janet Dauber   Term expires 12/31/20
Jona Burton   Term expires 05/01/19
Mary Junk   Term expires 12/31/20
Platt Safford   Term expires 12/31/19
Susan Roxburgh   Term expires 04/18/20
Joan Seidel   Health Board Appointee       


(Codified Ordinances of the City of Kent, Chapter 181.16: The Board of Review of five members is hereby created consisting of the City Manager, the Finance Director, the Law Director and two Kent residents not otherwise employed by the City, who shall be appointed by Council for initial terms of one year and two years respectively, and thereafter for two-year terms. Such public members shall not be adherents to the same political party; they shall be paid such per diem compensation as Council shall fix.
Dave Ruller  City Manager
David Coffee  Director of Budget & Finance
Hope Jones  Law Director
Denise Mote  Term expires 12/31/20
Peter Dorff  Term expires 12/31/19


Length of terms: Five years, after initial staggering in 2014.
Dennis Eberhart Term expires 10/14/17
John Ryan Term expires 10/14/18
Carol Crimi Term expires 10/14/19
Tara Murphy  Term expires 12/15/20
Eric Decker Term expires 12/15/20


(Kent City Charter Chapter 61(a): The Park and Recreation Board shall consist of five (5) members who are electors of the City. Four (4) members shall be appointed by the Council and one (1) member shall be appointed by the Board of Education and they shall serve without compensation for terms of five (5) years; provided however, that members of the present Board of Park Commissioners and Recreation Commission shall complete their unexpired terms as the initial members of the Park and Recreation Board. Length of terms is five years .
 Debbie Smeiles  Term expires 12/31/23
 Kelley Labajetta  Term expires 03/27/22
 Jack Neuzil  Term expires 1/19/21
 Kimberly Ball  Term expires 12/31/18
 Peter Orlando  Term expires 1/19/21


City Council adopted the Parking Management Planning Committee Policy Recommendations, a component of which being the appointment of a Parking Action Committee to administer their recommendations.  The Parking Action Committee is to be composed of representatives based on the following guidelines:

a.       City of Kent Community Development Director

b.      City of Kent Safety Director

c.       City of Kent Service Director

d.      Five members of the Business Community, appointed on:

         i.      Geographic Basis – (e.g.: East and West Main Streets, North and South Water Streets, Franklin Avenue, side streets…)

         ii.      Land Use Basis – (e.g.: Church, service, retail, housing and nightclub representation…)

         iii. A representative from the Kent Area Chamber of Commerce


Bridget Susel Community Development Director
Dave Ruller City Manager & Safety Director
Michelle Lee Chief of Police
Melanie Baker Service Director
Rick Hawksley Term expires 05/17/19
Howard Boyle Term expires 12/31/23
William Arthur  Term expires 07/14/20
Lori Wemhoff Executive Director, Kent Area Chamber of Commerce



(Kent City Charter, Chapter 61(b): The Planning Commission shall consist of five (5) residents of the City appointed by Council who shall serve without compensation. Council may also appoint ex-officio, non-voting members by ordinance. Appointments shall be for a term of five (5) years and the expiration of the terms shall be on a one-year staggered interval basis. No one shall be appointed for more than two (2) full terms consecutively.)

 Michael Bruder  Term expires 12/31/22
 John Gargan, Jr.  Term expires 12/31/18
 Peter Paino  Term expires 01/18/21
 Jeffrey Clapper  Term expires 12/31/23
 Amanda Edwards  Term expires 12/31/20


(Codified Ordinances of Kent, Chapter 175.05: All trustees shall be for three-year terms. All trustees shall be a qualified elector of the political subdivision from which he is appointed for a period of at least three years next preceding his appointment.)
 Brian Gray  Term expires 06/30/18
 Pete Kenworthy  Term expires 06/30/19
 Richard Bissler  Term expires 06/30/20


(Codified Ordinances of Kent Chapter 169.01: A Shade Tree Commission is hereby created consisting of five members who shall be residents of the City who shall serve without compensation for a term of four years. The Shade Tree Commission shall have absolute custody and control of and power to plant, set out, remove, maintain, protect and care for shade trees on any of the public streets of the City.
 Zoltan Karaszi  Term expires 08/17/18
 Audrey C. Kessler  Term expires 12/31/22
 Nadine Gomez  Term expires 08/17/18
 Andrew Scholl  Term expires 09/20/20
 John Belfiore  Term expires 12/31/22

(ORC 759.36: The board of cemetery trustees consists of three members, of which one or more must be a member of each of the separate boards of township trustees and legislative authorities which comprise the union cemetery association represented by the joint meeting. The board of cemetery trustees so elected shall have the custody of the funds derived from the tax levy provided by section 759.34 of the Revised Code, and the political subdivision shall pay the funds to the board of cemetery trustees upon its application for them. The board of cemetery trustees also shall have the custody of the funds derived from any tax levied by the union cemetery district under Chapter 5705. of the Revised Code. The board of cemetery trustees shall have all the powers and perform all the duties exercised and performed by the director of public service of a municipal corporation under sections 759.09 to 759.14 of the Revised Code. The board of cemetery trustees may create a permanent endowment fund for the express purpose of keeping the cemetery clean and in good order.
 Leo Lux  At-Large  Term expires 12/31/18
 Michael DeLeone  Kent City Council  Term expires 12/31/19
 Keith Benjamin  Franklin Township  Term expires 12/31/20


(Codified Section 921.08 - Shall consist of five members, including the City's Finance Director, City Engineer, and Public Service Director, with two other members appointed by Council. Appointed members may be removed by the City Manager with a 2/3 vote of Council. Term of office is two years. Board will hear appeals regarding disputes brought by owners and non-owners concerning application of the city's Stormwater Utility Chapter and will have the authority to make adjustments to provide relief due to unique circumstances which reduce the burden of operating, constructing, repairing and maintaining the stormwater utility system.

David Coffee Director of Budget & Finance
Melanie Baker Service Director
Jim Bowling City Engineer
Anne Jefferson Term expires 07/19/18
Jeanne McKinley Term expires 02/15/2019